Structural steel and metalwork

We offer a full range of services including re colouring, corrosion and fire protection to structural steel and all other industrial steel work.


We are able to offer full insurance backed guarantees up to 25 years (on selected products) nationwide.

Spayed coating, in and out quickly

Sprayed coating means we can get the job done quickly with minimal disruption and outstanding levels of quality.

Multiple colours and finishes

Whatever finish or colour we have it covered. including highly protective anti corrosion and intumescent coatings.

Anti corrossion and intumescent coatings

Industrial steel work plays a big part in maintaining the structural integrity of a building as well as contributing to the overall look of a structure or industrial unit. We are able to offer a range of repainting options. These include anti corrosion options as well intumescent coatings for fireproofing.

Efficiency is paramount to our success

We can fireproof new steel work and deal with specification and certification if required. Our sprayed coatings allow us to do this quickly and with a better finish than more traditional methods.

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About us

MJJM is a Dorset based company established in 2004.  We offer various industrial painting and coating solutions to help transform commercial and industrial premises.

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