25 year guarantees as a minimum

Shopfront / Business Front

We are able to offer full manufacturer-backed guarantees of up to 25 years on selected products nationwide.

Specialist Refurbishers.

Our systems are designed to allow us to complete works in a way that minimises impact. We can utilise out-of-hours working to keep impact on building occupiers to a minimum. For more information contact MJJM Industrial Painting Contractors today.

Sprayed coating, in and out quickly
Sprayed coating means we can get the job done quickly with minimal disruption and outstanding levels of quality.
Multiple colours and finishes

We have a wide variety of colours and finishes available, we’ve got it covered.

Guarantees of up to 25 years

We also employ low VOC and dry fall products to protect the surrounding environment. Our teams work quickly and cleanly. We can achieve a near factory result in a multitude of colours, sheens and finishes. Manufacturer guarantees of up to 25 years can be arranged with certain products.



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