Cheaper than replacement

Doors and Window Frames

Full on-site refurbishment and repainting of aluminium, steel and UPVC doors and window frames. High quality work and materials in a full range of colours and finishes.

Aesthetically pleasing whilst protecting at the same time

Window frames, doors, door frames and other associated building furniture can become damaged or degrade overtime, especially on commercial properties. Our sprayed solutions allow for the upkeep of aluminium, steel, plastic and wood as well as many other materials. Refinishing improves appearance and helps protect underlying material. For more information, contact MJJM Industrial Painting Contractors.

Sprayed coating, in and out quickly
Sprayed coating means we can get the job done quickly with minimal disruption and outstanding levels of quality.
Multiple colours and finishes

We have a wide variety of colours and finishes available, we’ve got it covered.

Hard wearing finishes which stand out!

We have a range of products in many colours and finishes. The use of spray technology means we can refurbish on-site, quickly, and with little disruption to the use of the building. We have a portfolio of successfully completed works, with a large number of happy clients. Applied paint finishes are often more hard-wearing than factory new finishes, which, especially with aluminium frames, can be notoriously unreliable.



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