We are able to offer full manufacturer backed guarantees on selected products nationwide.

General Industrial Spray Painting

All areas of industrial paint spraying are covered, including masonry, plaster, curtain wall and flooring.

Professional Industrial Spray Painting

At MJJM Industrial Painting Contractors we specialise in providing a range of industrial spray painting and our spray painting services ensure the highest standards; only using industry-leading spray painting products, so you can trust that you’re in the best hands for industrial spray painting. As specialists in spray painting, we can help renovate your commercial property using a range of products. The MJJM team will transform your building at a competitive rate, we really are the team to call on, for more information or a free quote, simply contact our team today.

15 years of happy customers

We have a proven track record of successfully completing all works.

Quicker than traditional methods
Sprayed coatings are far quicker than brush and roller.

High Quality Industrial Paint Services

MJJM stands out as experts in delivering a comprehensive range of industrial painting solutions, dedicated to transforming your commercial and industrial spaces.

Our team comprises skilled and proficient experts committed to delivering high-quality workmanship and exceptional value. Our industrial spray painters possess all the necessary resources and materials to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget, and consistently surpassing your expectations. The spray paint we offer presents a cost-effective means of refurbishing your existing commercial, retail, or industrial property.

At MJJM, our painting specialists work closely with clients to tailor solutions that perfectly align with their expectations and budgetary considerations. We also collaborate with various metal cladding products, enabling us to offer affordable solutions catering to every budget.


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Commercial Spray Painting Solutions That Meet Your Needs!

MJJM has earned a stellar reputation for delivering top-notch commercial spray painting services. As experts in the realm of industrial painting, we possess a remarkable ability to transform your commercial or industrial premises.

Our team comprises skilled and dedicated professionals who are committed to providing workmanship of the highest quality, along with exceptional value. Equipped with all the necessary resources, our industrial spray painters ensure timely and budget-friendly project delivery, consistently surpassing your expectations. The use of our premium spray paint presents a cost-effective solution for revitalising your existing commercial, retail, or industrial property.

At MJJM, our painting specialists work closely with clients, ensuring tailor-made solutions that precisely match their expectations and budgets.

Spray Painting Contractors

As industry-leading spray painting experts, we’re dedicated to providing top of the range of services to our clients, our experience means that we’ve been able to provide some of the best spray painting solutions. Our team can deliver industry-leading spray painting services to various commercial and industrial properties throughout Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. At MJJM, we aim to provide you and your commercial building with an on-coating service that’s affordable without compromising on the quality.


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Why Choose MJJM?

At MJJM, spray painting is our expertise, and we take pride in employing cutting-edge airless spray techniques to deliver swift, professional, and budget-friendly renovations. Our wide array of products and colours cater to diverse needs, from colour changes to large-scale re-spraying, ensuring we have you covered. We value close collaboration with clients, as we believe it is the cornerstone of our success, and our numerous satisfied customers are a testament to our approach. When you choose us, you’ll benefit from a safe, reliable, professional, and affordable team, handling every aspect of your spray painting project with utmost care and efficiency.

There are several compelling reasons why MJJM should be your preferred choice for industrial spray painting solutions:

  1. Going the Extra Mile: We arrange site visits to provide tailored and bespoke solutions for your specific project requirements.
  2. Honesty: Offering unbiased advice, we recommend the most suitable cladding products and services for your needs.
  3. Expertise: We specialise in a range of high-performance spray painting services.
  4. Great Value: Our products and services are competitively priced, ensuring you receive excellent value for your investment.
  5. Knowledgeable: Our technical team offers straightforward and practical advice, drawing from their extensive knowledge.
  6. Efficiency: Count on us for a swift and efficient service, allowing you to resume your day-to-day activities promptly.


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If you’re in need of spray painting, our services are of the highest quality, we only use industry-leading products when it comes to spray paint. As specialists, there’s no need to consider another company, we only use products that ensure value for money transformation. For more information or a free quote, simply contact our team today.

For some of our other locations, just get in touch today! We offer our services to a range of locations, including Southampton, Bournemouth, Dorset and throughout the South and South West, and in addition to general industrial spray painting, we also offer roof painting, industrial gutter coatings, and painting services for structural steel and metalwork! So we’re sure to be able to help with whatever you require!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial spray painting can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including metal, concrete, wood, plastic, and composite materials commonly found in industrial environments.

The durability of industrial spray painting largely depends on factors like environmental conditions, surface preparation, and the quality of paint used. With proper maintenance and care, industrial spray paint can last for several years before touch-ups or repainting may be needed.

Safety is a top priority during industrial spray painting projects. Professional spray painting companies employ trained personnel who follow strict safety guidelines. They use proper ventilation, protective gear, and environmentally friendly paints to ensure a safe and compliant process.

The duration of an industrial spray painting project depends on various factors, such as the size of the area to be painted, the complexity of the surfaces, and weather conditions. Generally, smaller projects can be completed in a few days, while larger ones may take several weeks. Your chosen spray painting provider can give you a more accurate time frame based on your specific project requirements.