10 year guarantees as a minimum

Cladding Painting Surrey

There is a standard 10-year manufacturer-backed guarantee included with all of our cladding work (subject to site survey). If more is needed, it can be increased.

Painting of Roof Cladding

Are you looking for exterior painting services for your residential or commercial building in Surrey or the surrounding areas? Our professional team at MJJM Industrial Painting Contractors offers a variety of roof cladding painting services. You can trust that you’re at the proper place for roof cladding painting because our services are performed to the highest standards, provide a cost effective solution with minimal disruption to your everyday life, and only items that are at the top of their fields are used. We help you renovate your building or property and utilise a variety of goods to convert your building at a reasonable price. We are experts in painting roof cladding for commercial premises, residential properties, and industrial units. For additional details or a no-obligation quote, get in touch with the MJJM team right away.

Repainting the cladding is typically quicker, less disruptive, and more cost-effective than replacement or over sheeting. For a FREE quote and to speak to one of our experts, contact us today!

Not Replace, Repair

For great value, refinishing the cladding is more economical than replacement or over sheeting, and it may frequently be done while the building is used. It is also frequently quicker and less disruptive.

Quick and Economical

We can rapidly and affordably protect cladding and alter its appearance thanks to spray painting technology. A wide variety of colours and finishes are offered. RAL and BS are both included.

Solutions for Metal Roof Cladding Painting

We are renowned across the UK for the roof cladding painting services we provide, and we work closely with our customers to provide outstanding cladding painting in Surrey and the surrounding areas. To assist you alter your industrial premises and commercial properties, we specialise in offering a variety of industrial cladding painting services. Along with conventional cladding services, we also provide painting and protection for roof cladding for our Surrey customers. We have a group of knowledgeable and dedicated experts who are dedicated to offering high-quality and high-value solutions. All of our cladding painters are equipped with the tools needed to guarantee that jobs are completed on schedule, within budget, and to your satisfaction.

We work with a big metal cladding product at MJJM, and our roofing professionals collaborate directly with Surrey based clients to assist offer solutions that fit their goals and budgets.

At MJJM our roofing specialists work closely alongside clients to help provide solutions that meet their expectations and budgets, we work with a large metal cladding product range and can help to provide affordable solutions that meet every budget.


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Painting Cladding

Many industrial and commercial structures have corrugated metal siding. Your cladding may start to look messy with use and exposure to the outdoors, especially if the powder coating starts to flake off or fade. Regular cladding repair and upkeep may guarantee that your structure is structurally sound in addition to having a nice appearance. You can trust MJJM to complete maintenance work of the highest calibre when you pick us for cladding coating and re-spraying. Call our staff right now if you want to perform maintenance or give your building a fresh lease on life.

Painting Contractors for Cladding

Make the staff at MJJM your first port of call if you’re seeking for skilled cladding painting contractors. We have years of experience offering clients all throughout the UK high-quality and reasonably priced cladding painting. We have years of experience, so you can rely on us whether you need metal or plastic cladding painted. Call the MJJM team right now to set up a FREE site survey and quote.

Paint for Metal Cladding

Metal profile roofing or vertical facade cladding are utilised to help revitalise, protect, modernise, and update our cladding painting services. It’s the ideal choice for robust anti-corrosive pigments, as it will help prevent rust from forming again and provides UV stability to assist prevent any kind of fading from happening. At MJJM, we only use a qualified crew that complies with a variety of safety rules and requirements, as well as the best metal cladding paint currently on the market. Trust that you’ll get the best products and total customer satisfaction when you choose our company for your roof cladding paint.

The cost of replacing your old roof with new materials can be avoided by using our industrial roof cladding for repairs or renovations. The staff at MJJM is the only choice if you need assistance extending the life of your roof.

Painting for Industrial Cladding

Make sure to use the services of MJJM when you want the cladding on your commercial property painted. Whether you’re trying to enhance the appearance of your building or require maintenance work, you can rely on our team’s years of experience and depth of knowledge to meet your requirements.

Get in touch with a member of the MJJM team if your cladded unit in Surrey is exhibiting cut edge corrosion symptoms, or you suspect your building may have cut edge corrosion. When the metal edges of a building structure are exposed to the environment for an extended period of time, cut edge corrosion develops. Our team can evaluate the structure and the damage, then recommend the best course of action for resolving the issue. By repainting the cladding, our qualified staff can, if necessary, restrict the building’s degradation.


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Why Choose Coat Cladding?

Steel sheet cladding will need maintenance over time, just like other coated metal. Painting or re-coating sheet cladding has a number of advantages, including the ability to enhance a building’s appearance and change the overall appearance of the company. Additionally, cladding coating guarantees the building envelope’s continued waterproofness. It’s crucial to keep in mind that tenants typically have legal obligations to maintain their properties. The costly end-of-lease or dilapidation charges can be avoided by preserving the factory envelope.

When the performance of metal cladding begins to deteriorate or fail, this can lead to a number of issues, including corrosion and the general performance of the roof. This can help you save time, inconvenience, and money when actively maintaining and repairing your roof and roof cladding. A variety of commercial and industrial metal roof cladding services are available to clients in Surrey from MJJM. Your roof can be repaired, treated, recoated, and painted by us, helping to guard against harm like corrosion that might result in water intrusion. Additionally, we are authorised to apply a variety of technical roof cladding solutions.


Cladding is a material that is designed to protect a surface, this can be an exterior building wall or a shop front for example. Specialist cladding helps to protect the building against water damage, wind damage as well as general wear and tear from the weather. The majority of cladding is waterproof to help protect the internal structure of the building. Should your cladding be damaged or not waterproof, we can provide waterproof cladding painting for your property. Cladding can be made from a number of materials including wood, plastic and metal.

There are a number of cladding options available, all of which can be professionally painted by the team at MJJM.

  • Metal Cladding – popular with commercial and retail units. Metal cladding can be painted with a wide range of colours to create a design that reflects your brand
  • UPVC Cladding – this lightweight plastic cladding is used on both domestic and commercial properties. If you are looking to create your dream design that fits a specific colour scheme, MJJM can professionally paint all plastic cladding
  • Timber Cladding – a popular option for horizontal boards and panels. Wood cladding paint can be applied to create a rustic finish to your property
Metal cladding is more susceptible to damage from the elements. One of the most common problems with metal cladding is cut edge corrosion. When the team at MJJm paint metal cladding you can rest assured that our specialist team will offer a life line to your metal cladding, as the specialist metal cladding paint will act as a waterproof barrier helping to reduce the damage of rust and corrosion. You may find that regular maintenance will help to keep the metal cladding in tip-top condition, we recommend an annual or bi-annual re-paint.

The life cycle of your cladding will depend on the type of cladding you have at your building. Some cladding can last up to 50 years if maintained correctly, another factor is how the cladding is exposed and the weather condition your cladding is faced with. To prolong the life of your cladding we recommend having your cladding professional coated and sprayed by the team at MJJM. To discuss your requirements or to book a site survey, get in touch with us today.

Cladding painting is what we do, we utilise the latest technology in airless spray techniques in order to deliver cladding renovations quickly and professionally and on budget. We have products and colours for a variety of needs, from colour change to large scale re-coating, we’ve got your needs covered. At MJJM we work closely with a range of clients and have a number of happy customers, we believe in close collaboration with clients as this is the key to success. What’s more is our team is safe, reliable, professional, affordable and deal with cladding painting from start to finish.

There’s a number of reasons why MJJM should be the company you choose for industrial roof cladding painting solutions, including…

  • We go the extra mile – we can arrange to visit your site and we will provide a bespoke solution for your project.
  • Honest – we ensure that we offer you unbiased advice that includes recommended cladding products and services.
  • Experts – we offer a range of high-performance roof cladding painting services.
  • Great Value – all of our products and services are priced competitively when you choose MJJM you can guarantee a value for money service.
  • Knowledgeable – we’re home to a technical team who provide straightforward and practical advice.
  • Efficient – we’ll provide a quick and efficient service, ensuring that you can get back to your day to day activities.


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If you need roof cladding painting in Surrey and the surrounding areas, our metal roof painting and cladding services are of the greatest calibre, and when it comes to delivering roof cladding and coatings, we only utilise goods that are at the top of their field. There is no need to look at other businesses because we are experts in roof cladding and only use goods that guarantee value for money. Simply get in touch with our staff right away for more details or a free estimate.

Steel sheet cladding requires care over time, just like other painted metal. The advantages of painting sheet cladding are numerous. In addition to shielding the substrate from corrosion, it can significantly enhance the appearance of a structure. When the original plastisol coating has entirely failed or rust has taken hold, we offer alternatives; ranging from a colour change for cosmetic reasons, to a full cladding repaint. We offer a wide choice of solutions at very reasonable prices. While the facility is still occupied, we can quickly, professionally, and safely change the appearance of your company. Visit our new blog for more details on commercial cladding.

Additionally, we can provide roofing cladding painting in Bournemouth, Dorset, Southampton, and Hampshire.