10 year guarantees as a minimum

Cladding Painting Southampton

All of our cladding works come with a standard 10-year manufacturer-backed warranty (subject to site survey). This can be increased if required.

Roof Cladding Painting in Southampton

At MJJM Industrial Painting Contractors we provide a range of roof cladding painting services throughout the UK. Our roof cladding painting services are carried out to the highest standards and what’s more, we only industry-leading products, so you can trust that you’re in the right place for roof cladding painting. As specialists in roof cladding painting, we help to renovate your building or property and use a range of products to transform your building at a competitive rate. MJJM really are the team to call on, for more information or a free quote, simply contact our team today.

Repair not replace

Recoating the cladding is more cost effective than replacement or over sheeting and is often quicker, less disruptive and can be done while the building is occupied.

Quick and cost effective

Spray technology means we can protect and change the look of cladding quickly and cost effectively. A full range of colours and finishes is available. Includes all RAL and BS.

Metal Roof Cladding Painting Solutions

We’re known throughout the UK for the roof cladding painting solutions that we offer. We specialise in providing a range of industrial cladding painting services to help transform your commercial and industrial premises. We offer roof cladding painting protection as well as general cladding services. We have a team of skilled and professional experts who are committed to providing solutions that are high quality and high value. All of our cladding painters have the necessary resources to make sure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and that they exceed your expectations.

At MJJM our roofing specialists work closely alongside clients to help provide solutions that meet their expectations and budgets, we work with a large metal cladding product range and can help to provide affordable solutions that meet every budget.


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Cladding Coating

A number of commercial and industrial buildings are cladded with corrugated metal. Over time and from exposure to the elements you may find that your cladding starts to look untidy, especially when the powder coating begins to flake or fade. Regular maintenance and upkeep of the cladding can ensure that your building doesn’t just look good but is structurally sound too. When you choose MJJM for cladding coating and re-spraying, you can rest assured we will carry out high-quality maintenance work. Whether you’re looking give your building a new lease of life, or complete maintenance work, call our team today.

Cladding Painting Contractors

Should you be looking for professional cladding painting contractors, be sure to make the team at MJJM your first port of call. We have years of experience when it comes to providing clients throughout the UK with high quality and cost-effective cladding painting. With years of experience, you can count on us whether you are looking for plastic cladding painting or metal cladding paint. To arrange for a FREE site survey and quote, call the team at MJJM today.

Metal Cladding Paint

Our cladding painting services are used to help rejuvenate, protect, modernise and revamp metal profile roofs or vertical facade cladding. It’s the perfect option for heavy-duty anti-corrosive pigments, and will help to stop rust from re-forming as well as offering UV stability to help stop any type of fading occurring. At MJJM, we only use the best metal cladding paint available on the market, as well as using a professional team who adhere to a range of safety regulations and standards. When you choose our company for your roof cladding paint, trust that you’ll receive the very best products as well as complete customer satisfaction.

Our industrial roof cladding is an option for repairs or refurbishments of your existing roof, saving you the cost of replacing it with new materials. If you’re in need of help to prolong the life of your roof, look no further than the team at MJJM.

Industrial Cladding Painting​

When you are looking to have the cladding at your commercial property painted, be sure to call upon the services of MJJM. Our team have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, so whether you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your building or need to carry out maintenance work you can rest assured that we have your needs covered.

If your cladded unit is showing signs of cut edge corrosion, or you think your building may have cut edge corrosion, be sure to get in touch with a member of the team at MJJM. Cut edge corrosion is caused when the metal edges of the the building structure are exposed to the elements for a long period. Our team can assess the building and the damage, then suggest the best way forward to deal with the problem. If needed, our professional and skilled team can help to limit the deterioration of your building by re-coating the cladding.


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Why Coat Cladding?

Like all painted metal, steel sheet cladding will require maintenance over time, painting or re-coating sheet cladding comes with a range of benefits, it can improve the look of a building and overall transform the face of the business. Cladding coating also ensures that the building envelope will stay waterproof. It’s important to note that it tends to be a legal requirement of tenants when maintaining their property. By maintaining the factory envelope, the large end-of-lease or dilapidation charges can be avoided.

When the performance of metal cladding starts to decline or fail, this can cause a number of problems such as the overall performance of the roof, including corrosion. When it comes to actively maintaining and repairing your roof and roof cladding, this can save you time, disruption and money. At MJJM we offer a range of commercial and industrial metal roof cladding services. We can repair, treat, re-coat and paint your roof, helping to prevent damage such as corrosion that could lead to water intrusion, we are also approved applicators for a range of technical roof cladding products.


Cladding is a material that is designed to protect a surface, this can be an exterior building wall or a shop front for example. Specialist cladding helps to protect the building against water damage, wind damage as well as general wear and tear from the weather. The majority of cladding is waterproof to help protect the internal structure of the building. Should your cladding be damaged or not waterproof, we can provide waterproof cladding painting for your property. Cladding can be made from a number of materials including wood, plastic and metal.

There are a number of cladding options available, all of which can be professionally painted by the team at MJJM.

  • Metal Cladding – popular with commercial and retail units. Metal cladding can be painted with a wide range of colours to create a design that reflects your brand
  • UPVC Cladding – this lightweight plastic cladding is used on both domestic and commercial properties. If you are looking to create your dream design that fits a specific colour scheme, MJJM can professionally paint all plastic cladding
  • Timber Cladding – a popular option for horizontal boards and panels. Wood cladding paint can be applied to create a rustic finish to your property

Metal cladding is susceptible to damage from the elements. One of the most common problems with metal cladding is cut edge corrosion. When the team at MJJM paint metal cladding you can rest assured that our specialist team will offer a lifeline for your metal cladding, as the specialist metal cladding paint will act as a waterproof barrier helping to reduce the damage of rust and corrosion. You may find that regular maintenance will help to keep the metal cladding in tip-top condition. We recommend an annual or bi-annual re-paint.

The life cycle of your cladding will depend on the type of cladding you have at your building. Some cladding can last up to 50 years if maintained correctly. Another factor is how the cladding is exposed and the weather conditions your cladding is faced with. To prolong the life of your cladding we recommend having your cladding professionally coated and sprayed by the team at MJJM. To discuss your requirements or to book a site survey, get in touch with us today.

Cladding painting is what we do. We utilise the latest technology in airless spray techniques in order to deliver cladding renovations quickly, professionally and on budget. We have products and colours for a variety of needs – from colour change to large scale re-coating, we’ve got your needs covered. At MJJM we work closely with a range of clients and have a number of happy customers. We believe in close collaboration with clients, as this is the key to success. What’s more, our team is safe, reliable, professional, affordable and deals with cladding painting from start to finish.

There’s a number of reasons why MJJM should be the company you choose for industrial roof cladding painting solutions, including…

  • We go the extra mile – we can arrange to visit your site and we will provide a bespoke solution for your project.
  • Honest – we ensure that we offer you unbiased advice that includes recommended cladding products and services.
  • Experts – we offer a range of high-performance roof cladding painting services.
  • Great Value – all of our products and services are priced competitively. When you choose MJJM you can guarantee a value-for-money service.
  • Knowledgeable – we’re home to a technical team who provide straightforward and practical advice.
  • Efficient – we’ll provide a quick and efficient service, ensuring that you can get back to your day-to-day activities.


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