25 year guarantees as a minimum

Roof Painting Southampton

We are able to offer full manufacturer backed guarantees up to 25 years (on selected products) nationwide. This is often longer than the guarantee of a new roof.

Roof Paint and Coating in Southampton

At MJJM Industrial Painting Contractors we provide a range of roof paint in Southampton, our roof painting services are of the highest standards and we also use only industry-leading products when it comes to supplying quality and trustworthy roof paint coatings. As specialists in roof painting we help to breathe new life into your building or property and use a range of products, when it comes to transforming a building at a competitive rate, MJJM are the team to call on. For more information or a free quote, simply contact our team today. There are many benefits of Industrial Roof Painting, to learn more about these please read our blog!

Repair not replace
Recoating the cladding is more cost effective than replacement or over sheeting and is often quicker, less disruptive and can be done while the building is occupied.
Quick and cost effective
Spray technology means we can protect and change the look of cladding quickly and cost effectively. A full range of colours and finishes available. Includes all RAL and BS.

Industrial Roof Painting Solutions

We’re considered as a leading name in roof painting and renovations in Southampton, we offer a variety of industrial painting and coating solutions in order to help transform commercial and industrial premises. We offer both roof coating and protection as well as general industrial painting. Home to a team of skilled and professional experts, we’re committed to offering solutions that are both high quality and high value. All of our painters have the resources to ensure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and also exceed expectations.

The team at MJJM work closely alongside clients to help develop solutions that meet their expectations and budgets, we work with a wide product range and can help to provide affordable solutions that meet every budget.


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Roof Coatings and Paintings

We offer a range of industrial roof coatings to repair or refurbish your existing roof, saving you the cost of replacing it with new materials. Should you require help to prolong the life of your roof, or it’s in need of a repair and is suffering from leaks, look no further than the team at MJJM, what’s more, is we can provide out of hours working to minimise any disruption to your business.

We’re experienced in a range of roof coating and paint systems, we provide seamless, anti-corrosive, waterproofing systems with no joints to ensure no leaks or corrosion. We offer roof painting and coatings for coating failure, water leaks, cracked or broken panels, edge lap corrosion and de-lamination.

The benefits of industrial roof painting…

  • Maximising the life of your roof
  • Stopping leaks
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Improving the appearance of your building
  • A range of colours available

Professional Roof Coatings and Paint

When the performance of a roof coating starts to decline or fail, this can cause potential problems in the future with the overall performance of the roof including corrosion. By actively maintaining and repairing your roof and roof coating, this can save you time, disruption and money. At MJJM we provide a range of commercial and industrial roof painting and coating services. We can repair, treat, recoat and paint your roof, helping to prevent damage such as corrosion that could lead to water intrusion. We are also approved applicators for a range of technical roof painting products.

From start to finish we handle it all

Steel sheet clad metal roofs require maintenance to ensure good working order and protection of the building. We offer a wide range of solutions to re-coat all different types of roof. We are able to offer numerous coating solutions and deal with all associated issues including cut edge treatment, roof lights and gutter works. We deal with the full process from start to finish.

Why choose MJJM?

At MJJM we only provide high-quality roof coating services from industry-leading manufacturers, all of our products and services will ensure a hard-wearing and durable roof. There’s a number of reasons why MJJM should be the company you choose for industrial roof painting solutions, including…
  • We go the extra mile – we can arrange to visit your site and we will provide a bespoke solution for your project.
  • Honest – we ensure that we offer you unbiased advice that includes recommended products and services.
  • Experts – we offer a range of high-performance roof painting and coating services.
  • Great Value – all of our products and services are priced competitively when you choose MJJM you can guarantee a value for money service.
  • Knowledgeable – we’re home to a technical team who provide straightforward and practical advice.
  • Efficient – we’ll provide a quick and efficient service, ensuring that you can get back to your day to day activities.


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Receive a free estimate today

Up to 25 year guarantees.

Our clients include landlords, tenants, surveyors and individuals. Works can be undertaken when the building is in in use and at no point is the internal of the building exposed to the elements as would be the case with a replacement. We are able to offer up to 25 year single point guarantees (depending on product).

For Roof Painting in Southampton, Contact MJJM Today.

If you’re in need of roof paint in Southampton, our roof painting and coating services are of the highest quality and what’s more, is we only use industry-leading products when it comes to supplying roof paint coatings. As specialists in roof painting, there’s no need to consider another company, we only use products that ensure value for money transformation. For more information or a free quote, simply contact our team today.

Not in Southampton but interested in our services? Don’t worry! We also provide industrial roof painting to Dorset and Surrey